Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Mar 24

Exams! UCK!

Exams are LOOOOMING!!!.

How horrible. Got the timetable for viva today. I’m on for 0900 Thursday morning. Eeeeek. Well at least it will be over and done with. I swear it will not be pretty.

Michelle is up first – then me…then Theresa. I fear that I shall be giving a somewhat lacklustre performance compared with young Ms Allizart.

At least loopy mental health will be out of the way. Except that I need to get that bloody orange book signed off. Grrr. Grrr grrr grrr.

And then there’s lovely GP to look forward to. The two things I have decided I am not going to be….Psychiatry and GP….both one after the other. Medicine will be such a relief after four months of the Doldrums. Especially since the Gatton GP I suspect I will end up with. Word is that he doesn’t let students do anything much in their rotation. So much for learning.

I REALLY need to start thinking a bit more positively.

Muffins taste gooooooooooood! :) .

Mother made muffins for me. It’s almost an exam tradition. It was really good to see Mum last night at today. And it’s really nice that she thought of me and made me feel better.

It’s good to have friends. And a broad range of diverse and varying friends is better.

A friend for all occasions.

And in different parts of the world.

And friends who have nothing to do with medicine.

Friends who can say to you……

“i got the impression all seasons brought you discontent”


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