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   Jun 20

The Med School is a FARCE!

Friday….some weeks after the last entry…. results for mental health appear on the portal. Much to my amusement I find I have somehow managed to wangle 86% on the Mental Health rotation. And that is with study the day before the viva… shows what a farce the med school is if I am able to get the equivalent of a seven on the rotation with hardly even turning up to a thing.

The last four days or so have seen an about swing in my attitude towards what’s doing next year. Friday I was all set to stay in Toowoomba for fourth year.

Saturday it all came crashing down…. spoke to Belinda and she mentioned that QHMMS seemed to be imploding in on itself. The support unit is to come under PAS as of the 1st July. This means that chances are they will review the weekend service and I will be out of a job.

Which will be a bugger if I have to pay rent next year. Which got me thinking about what I was going to do. If I stay in Woomby I will have to pay rent. I will have limited opportunities for work. And I will be somewhat narrow-minded in that I will have only worked in one hospital as a med student.

Conversely…if I returned to Brisvegas and attempted to goto Nambour for as many rotations as I can (free accomodation provided). I can also potentially stay with Mum for a bit. And there are more job prospects in Brisbane. Supposedly.

And then there’s that small issue of 11 people applying for ten positions. So I basically took the plunge and emailed the Wicked Witch of the West and told her I was not going to stay in Toowoomba next year. She must have been working over the weekend as I got a response from her today thanking me for my prompt reply.

So it’s down the hill I come.

And I have to admit I am feeling a lot more comfortable about my decision now.

And I might be able to get by on Austudy. maybe.

Careers expo was on Friday night. I went along. Was interesting. Ran into Nikki Blackwell from The Isa who proceeded to espouse Intensive Care as a specialty. Sounds interesting. I think I could handle being a intesivist. Of course that is a long way down the track.

Blading tonight with Caffrynne and Lynda. I need to exercise.

GP is much better than anticipated. In spite of the rumours about going to Gatton. I thinks that Graham (the head of GP) must have had a word to Dr Lamb because I am up to my armpits in it. Still I don’t think GP is th

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