Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Jul 04

The Second Half

Well! The first half of the year came and went with a bang or a fizzle or whatever. Nonetheless it came and went.

So on to Act II.

The second half of MBBS seems to be going extremely fast. Extremely! Disconcertingly. Fifty-two weeks of clinical left. Hmmph. Six and a half rotations left to complete.

Twenty weeks of clinical (or 22 weeks actual) until we finish for the year.

Blah…it’s just numbers.

Fact is tempus fugit – time flies.

And oh shit oh shit oh shit there’s so much to do.

  • Med Revue prologue
  • Orchestra
  • GP Assessment (including: lit review, community attachment, exam arghh)
  • NURHC paper to write

And I am sure there is plenty more I am forgetting.

QHMMS still all unsorted – although apparently I am now working for the QHPIMS Support Unit – which comes under PAS. Yeah just wait…bet I don’t have a job for much longer.

Just have to hope I can keep my job until at least I go away on rural. Won’t be able to get a job for such a short space of time. GRRRRR. Nofair.

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