Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Sep 07


Well….so much for being a dilligent student. It’s been a week and a half since I last attended the wards – not for wont of trying – can never seem to find my team …and they don’t answer pages. Besides I reckon I have done a lot more than most on Med rotation from what I have heard.

Today I woke up at 1730. That might be due to the fact I went to bed at 0730. Ten hours sleep is nice. Pity it couldn’t have been during the dark hours.

What am I saying? The night is soooo much better than the day. No horrible sun to burn and cause nasty melanomas….

Inspection of the house tomorrow. My room hasn’t been this clean in ages. I can actually see my desk. Which means I might get some study done….. Awww who am I kidding. Well there’s hope.

54 weeks until final exams….wow…that’s not much time to learn an awful lot. Especially when there’s a missing component at the moment – MOTIVATION!.

Pity you can’t order motivation over the internet. Or grow it in a pot in the garden.

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