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   Sep 07

Grrr… CSS – another way to procrastinate!

Okay… so it’s now 0315. Yay. Well I did get up at 1730 yesterday so I suppose I couldn’t expect to sleep tonight….add to that the fact I had two long blacks at Bon Amici with Miss Immah and Miss Theresa.

Anyhoo I have been trying to get this wretched blog to print out reasonably – no such luck. Fortunately I found that there was a file written by another smart person that allows posts to be printed using a different layout.

Have also learnt about using print stylesheets to make browsers follow different layouts when printing – so as to avoid having menus and other assorted crap print out as well.

Now of course I know this, there is a good chance I will be spending more hours procrastinating – such and apt domain for me to register (even if I do say so myself). Now that I think about it, it would seem reasonable to be able to put together a flashcard stylesheet so that you can print out flashcards of useful revision information. Just got to work out how to do it…probably a combination of XML and CSS. Neither of which I know much about….but I am sure to spend hours learning.

I should be spending hours with Mr Talley and Mr O’Connor revising by clinical examination skills. Only 4 more weeks left on med rotation – and I know nothing. Well I think I know nothing. I hope that’s not true.

Will be interesting to see what’s happening in medical wards at the moment – since they have made major changes today (typical, the day I decide not to go in they change things). No more units….(due to shortage of registrars)….which means just one team per ward. Well that’s all very well – but where are we supposed to go. We’re the bottom of the heap so I guess nobody bothered to think of us.

Such is life.

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