Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Sep 09

Fog is sooo cozy….

Sleep hygiene is for weenies…. I have none whatsoever. No I don’t smell. But for crying out loud me sleep patterns are way out of whack. I woke up at 1930 this evening after a fantastic 12 hour sleep. Problem is…. I slept through the damn day. I really wish that I could sleep like any normal person. It seems an impossibility.

When I got up this evening there was a fantastic pea-souper fog covering the surrounding area. Fannnnn-tastic. Made me feel in a grrreat frame of mind. It’s like a soft doona that surrounds you and everything else. Why can’t we have cool meteorological conditions all of the time.

To top off the beginning of a good evening…I spent two hours studying clinical exams with Miss Immah at Bon Amici. Wow – that would have to be the most study I have done all rotation!

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