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   Sep 13

The Un-Insomniac

Hrmph! That’s what I have to say. Hrmph with a double helping of Ptooey!

Sleep patterns have swung again! This time I’m waking at 0300 then 0500 and being awake during the day…. but crashing at an obscenely early time in the evening (say….1700?) and sleeping until I wake again at 0300….and the rut that I am now in begins again.

Tis now 0500 on Monday morning. No entries over the weekend because pretty much every waking moment over the weekend I was not at home. Because when I got home I went to bed.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the lack of caffeine imbibement over the last few days.

Friday night we had a bad taste parteh….a premiere event in the Chateau Buckland social calendar. You can see the results…… –> HERE < --. Good gracious me there are some shocking fashions available in the fashion houses (read op shops) in the Darling Downs district. Amusingly….the jacket and (ladies) blouse that I ended up wearing in attempt to be in bad taste ended up apparently looking half decent according to some who attended…either that or they were paying the living shite out of me and I was too stupid to pick up on their subtle sarcasm. None the less I would have loved to have capped off the costume with a pair of bad Unabomber sunnies and maybe a beret and white pants. My budget and the local fashion houses did not stretch to meet my imagination.

Actually while we’re on the topic of bad taste….Dave suggested going as a Russian School Kid. DEFINITELY bad taste. But eyebrow raising I imagine none-the-less.

It occurred to me that the medicine long case and short cases that we’re expected to do are very much like scripted performances. As such I have decided to write out each system using a script writing program I found the other day on the net. Final Draft is one program that was mentioned on Roger Avary’s site as a product that he has used. There is a free download trial version on the final draft site. So I’m going to have a look at it. For amusement’s sake I will post the finished scripts on right here on procrastin8.net (since it is most definitely procrastination).

The fourth years finished their last rotation on friday. ARGHHHH.

Why Arghhhh? Well that means its two weeks until their final exams….which means its 54 until my final exams. And there’s a shitload to learn between now and then. So I’ll just procrastinate a bit more by writing blog entries and by making this here site look pruhhhhtty with the CSS I am now learning. I suspects CSS is somewhat of an outmoded standard…..but it seems like WordPress makes use of it for the time being so I’ll make use of it initially and then move onto something else when I need to procrastinate more.

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