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   Sep 15

Put Your Hands Up In De Spair

They say that throughout your years of training and even throughout your years of work as a medico there will be times that you will question your choice to enter such a profession – or dare I say vocation.

Today is one of those times.

Well today specifically but the last month or so in general.

Why on earth would one want to dedicate one’s life to ridiculous hours, ‘helping’ often thankless people and trying desparately not to be sued in the process? It’s certainly not for the money I can assure you – there are easier ways to make a dollar than this line of work. Not to mention you could make far more by other means.

An interesting thought…. I asked a doctor the other day how he become involved in palliative care. He retorted with a 5 minute spiel on how effectively as doctors all we ever do is palliate. We very rarely ever cure someone….sure there’s infections and some surgical stuff that can be cured…but look at all the congestive cardiac failure….diabetes….chronic disease….none of it is ever really cured. All we do as doctors is hide the symptoms….in effect….palliate. So we’re all doing palliative care whether we realise it or not. Ironically unless you mention the Big C ….nobody really considers it palliative care.

We are all dying…some of us are just dying faster than others.

I can’t quite put my finger on the pulse…(well not literally – duh! If one can’t find a pulse either the patient has expired or you you shouldn’t have even thought about becoming a doctor)… I can’t quite work out why it is I am going through this phase of soul searching.

Hopefully sometime soon I’ll find an answer to the question. Problem is…. I need to find the question first in order to find the answer. It sucks looking for an answer when you don’t know the question because the answer could be sitting there in front of you all along but you never realised it.

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  1. michael says:

    ‘here is your pulse. but here is your finger –
    far away from the pulse jammed straight up your ass’
    -jay and silent bob strike back

    I have nothing to say, you just reminded me of that line…

  2. Obstin8 says:

    Ugh, I can so understand your conundrum Jez. I think a lot of medical students go through what you’re feeling, not all ‘cos I’ve met some complete freaks and people who have their whole lives planned out for whatever motivation but there are a lot of us who also go through phases where we ask ourselves why we go through this hell. Ultimately I am sure we all want to make somewhat of a difference but who knows if we ever will. I think the point of the soul searching is not to find the answer or the question but to remember to see both sides of the coin and to realise that life doesn’t actually have a rule book or a specific purpose. However, becoming a Palliative Care Specialist because we’re all dying anyways is just dumb. Ugh. If we all looked on life as a process of dying how dull and depressive would the world be. Enjoy the moment even when it sucks ‘cos you need the bad to outline the good I say!!!!

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