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Time Flies…

   Sep 19

iPod uPod we ALL Pod

This is my first post using the email-2-blog setup that wordpress has.
This entry is in fact an email that I am writing….when I send it off
to an undisclosed address a little cron job that I have set up will
automagically translate my ramblings into the appropriate bits and
pieces that you are reading here.

It even manages to get titles and categories using title tags and
category tags. Pretty cool huh?

So Friday I am sitting at home…minding my own business…trying hard
not to study (procrastinating by writing a letter to a friend in
Norway)…when along comes a knock at the door….and with that, I’m the
proud owner of an iPod. Yes, yes, yes, I am now one of the many who own
one of those beguiling white and shiny silver things that plays music to
your hearts content. And acts as a hard drive in its spare time.

Well wicked. It has kept me in tunes all weekend.

Now all I have to do is find some tunes to fill the remaining 16 gig.

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