Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Sep 23

It’s a beautiful day

The weather today reminds me that the end of the year is nigh.

It was a beautiful not too hot not to cold spring day with not too much sun and not too much shade and vibrated right into the cold depths of my body.

In true procrastinatory form I felt that today I could not sit inside and ignore the pleasantness of such a wonderful environment.

Theresa, Immah and myself went to Bon Amici for the daily coffee ritual then Immah and I window shopped in the pleasantness of the day.

Not wanting to stop the procrastination there… I had only just gotten home whenst Timmeh and Fionah dropped by and suggested coffee. Instead we picked up Theresa and went to the Boogie Shack (a quaint blast from the past) where I consumed a yummeh yet incredibly fattening burger…..served in a bowl that was in fact a melted moulded record…..truly authentic. None the less the record was in fact a Johann Strauss record….in a sixties greasy spoon….go figure.

Feeling guilty post burger consumption I convinced Fionah to goto the gym. Ohhh Lordy…..my Achilles’ tendons are in pain. Not sure why. Too much exercise obviously. Thank goodness for frozen vegetables.

To top off the procrastinatory day…. a day which no study whatsoever was performed…. I listened to ‘Choke’ the audio book by Chuck Palahniuk – the guy who wrote Fight Club among other things. Fantastic I thought. Would make a great screen play…. but would definitely require some modificiations if one were ever to hope to get it past the ratings nazis.

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