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   Sep 25

I Will…

I have decided a new category is in order.

Ever since I got into medicine….. I haven’t had a long term goal. Basically because…. getting into medicine has been my long term goal since…..forever.

So in order to give me a reason to keep breathing…. I am going to attempt to write down a whole heap of goals in the ‘I Will…’ category.

They say (I’ve always wondered who ‘they’ are) that people who are successful in life have a written list of goals…whereas the people who are not so successful (how does one judge if one is successful or not?) don’t have clearly written goals.

So… for my own motivation…. this category will serve as my list of things I will achieve.

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One Comment

  1. They? says:

    Who the hell are they? ‘They’ say that written goals will help you be successful but I think being successful is about motivation and state of mind not whether or not you actually have a physical record of your goals. However, if it helps you to achieve something then go ahead. What ever does it for you Jer.

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