Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Sep 30

“Oh Dear!” said Jez. The Fat Medical Examiners were not amused.

The fourth years finished yesterday. That makes 371 days until our supposed last exam. Or there abouts give or take a day or two given the uselessness that is to be found within the school of medicine. Thats 535 200 minutes as of 9pm yesterday.

To serve as a reminder of the time I have left until finishing final exams…. I have put up a ‘countdowner’ on the right of this page to serve as an ever present reminder that I should get off my lazy fat (although I have managed to lose 4kg in the last month) arse, and do some study.

Medicine rotation long and short cases later today. Midday the bell tolls for me.

The long and short of it is….I’m FUBAR. Cactus. Rooted. TFBUNDY. CFMEU. CTD.

That about describes my feeling about this impending exam (see footnote for explanation of above terms).

Oh well. Such is life (Ned Kelly’s apparent famous last words). Tomorrow night there will be much partying and alcoholic steatohepatosis at the breakup dinner to send the fourth years off into the medical wilderness.

Tonight…well probably a snooze post demoralisation….then dinner with the rotation….then down the hill to vegas. Hope to chat to Crazy Chris in Switzerland tonight with Mickus as Mickus has phone credit to use up before the end of September.

Onto a more moving subject…..can I espouse to you the fantastic traits of tasty psyllium…the mover and healthy groover… (okay sorry about the pun…it’s late/early depending on whether you’re yet to goto sleep (like me) or have just woken up). It is such a satisfying feeling….that ‘I can evacuate with ease’ feeling that you get whenst one deigns to incorporate a fibrous mucilage such as psyllium into one’s diet.

Cathartic benefits aside….it’s minimal in terms of the calorific damage it causes….and serves as a fantastic way to make a delicious dessert/snack without having to resort to dairy products or fat. Add it to a fruit smoothy and you have a dairy free yoghurt style treat to consume at your leisure throughout the day. Yummeh and completely non-fattening.

And finally…. psyllium has been proven to be effective in improving one’s lipid profile by acting as a binding resin – causing your body to have to manufacture more bile and using up that nasty cholesterol you imbibed whilst eating the tasty baklava you had with your mocha whilst out to coffee earlier.

I think another attempt to snooze before I spew forth any more verbal excrement. This post is already full of shite.

Glossary of Terms

F.U.B.A.R. Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition

T.F.B.U.N.D.Y. Totally Fucked – But Unfortunately Not Dead Yet (an unsavoury medical acronym that has been seen in the charts of people soon to be ‘knock knock knockin….’)

C.F.M.E.U In this instance translates to ‘Can’t Fuck Much Else Up’

C.T.D Circling The Drain – Another euphemism for….TFBUNDY.

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