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   Oct 09

“Thought of you…”

In spite of what whether you love a particular song or hate it, it is undoubtably successful when it runs round and round and round and round in your head and you.

When you find a song that somehow ‘vibrates in sync’ with your energy fields and you just have to keep listening to it over and over and over, it’s like a drug of addiction. Every time you play it you get a ‘hit’. Eventually, with repeated listening I guess you get a tolerance to the effects….but until that happens…it’s off to another plane of reality.

The latest song to manage to achieve ‘drug of addiction’ status (for me) is an unreleased track I got off a mate of mine. It’s called “Thought of You”….and is the debut single for the duo “S.A.W”. The catchy auditory gem tells the story of two lovestruck androids.

The hook “I feel you when you are far away, my body runs away with the thought of you” repeats in various permutations combinations and carries you invariably into a happy frame of mind – at peace with the universe – even if it’s only for the 4:58 that the track runs for.

Stay tuned for the animated music video that is currently in production at one new kids on the music video production block – Simplex Films. Taking a “we can do anything if we put our minds to it – and probably more if we wanted to” approach, Simplex Films CEO and Creative Consultant Mr Mike Henderson has taken up where music videos have previously left off – pushing the boundaries with his production team to develop what looks like a fitting visual accompaniment to a remarkable aural treat.

I shouldn’t be surprised if we see this single climb the charts very quickly.

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