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   Oct 11

Writer’s Block or Writer’s Diarrhoea?

This morning….when I should have been sleeping….at around 0400hrs I had a rapid fire of inspirational brainwaves about some story ideas. I guess the writer’s equivalent of Traveller’s diarrhoea….Writer’s Diarrhoea.

It’s funny how my most creative time of the day always seems to be when I am dead tired with a million other things that should be done. Having seen the effects that sleep deprivation has on my creativity – especially when reading stuff later on and wondering where I managed to come up with such creativity, I can see why people resort to mind altering substances to aid their writing. (Samuel Taylor Coleridge springs to mind).

For the time being I will resort only to sleep deprivation and serendipity to resolve my creative woes.

Whilst on the subject of writer’s diarrhoea…I am reminded of writer’s block… an interesting post I saw on the RSS feed of photomatt.net. This post led me to a very interesting site – The Book Stops Here which I now have in my list of RSS feeds. A very insightful read and looks as though there are a few good links to other blogs to explore on a rainy day or procrastinatory moment.

…and yes… I have buckled…and included a reference to a site I read off an RSS feed. I know I said I would never do it….but….what the hey, it’s not your usual drivel and I might actually find it useful on more than one occasion, so…I’ll make an exception to the rule.

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