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   Oct 13

My Day

This morning was shocking, I was in stitches later on and I got plastered this afternoon.

Not as interesting as you might think. I was not having a bad morning, I was not laughing following my bad morning and I did not consume any alcohol this afternoon. Sorry to disappoint.

What I did today was defibrillation and advanced life support this morning, suturing a little later on and had a plastering class this afternoon where I had a short leg and short arm cast put on me, and I did the same to someone else.

Quite an interesting day all up. I felt TOTALLY clichèd having to say things like:

“Charging to 200 joules…. clear!” or “He’s in v-tach, he’s got a shockable rhythm” I felt like I was a farce – pretending to be on a show like Scrubs or ER.

Even though I think I can work the funky machine that goes ‘bing’* I still think that I will be shitting myself when it comes time for me to shock a real person (thank goodness for the ‘Analyze’ mode).

Suturing was reasonable. I actually learnt to do more than simple interupted stitches this time (which I have known for a while). I learnt how to do vertical matress stitching today. Pretty funky.

I was happy with my plastering effort. The theory seemed to click in my mind. Perhaps it appealed to my artistic side as well as my analytical side. There were some real doozies from some people. I could move my leg around in the plaster that was put around me.

Perhaps I might be of some use as a medico one day.

* for the technically minded the machine that goes ‘bing’ in question is the LifePak 12 from MedTronic.

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  1. Jim says:

    Even better will be the first time you get to say “tag ‘im and bag ‘im, this one’s gone”.

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