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   Oct 17

Like Swimming In Warm Urine.

Hello World!!

Here I am in Darwin.

Muggy as all buggery. It honestly feels like what I guess it must feel like if you were to swim in a pool of warm urine.

Having said that I can only speculate as to what it would be like to marinate in urine (be that mine or someone elses). I have certainly not had the misfortune of ever having experienced it for real

Ahh well. Six weeks of that ‘Warm Urine Feeling’ – hereby referred to as WUF.

Flight up was uneventful. Mikko drove me to the airport…via Merlo. I decided that if I was going to rough it in the never-never I would at least take with me a few creature comforts. Thus I have my stove top espresso maker and 400g of Forza Merlo – freshly ground.

I hope I am not expected to actually achieve any study whilst up here….I wasn’t actually able to bring any textbooks. When I weighed my pack this morning it was 15kg over the 13kg limit. Which means I am up for a nasty hefty excess baggage charge. That being said, I would choose espresso over textbooks any day.

As an exercise in keeping the boredem demons at bay while wallowing up here, I have decided to attempt a bit of a video/docudiary thingy. Basically I think my plan is to video a clip a day, cut it together on my laptop (that in itself should take millions of hours given how slow the laptop goes), and post it in my online album. Given that I can link files from my album to this ‘ere blog thingy, I hope to be able to have a clip of some interest to document my time up in the top end.

Believe it when you see it though. I am sure that even the best laid plans go astray – particularly when they are that of a professional procrastinator….me being one who should probably achieve a lifetime achievement award for procrastination.

Okay. Nuff said. Stay tuned.

Oh yeah. One other thing….feel free to comment away with each post. Would love to hear what the invisible masses* have to say.

* …okay okay….invisible masses might perhaps be a little grandiose…my awstats script of site visits shows a currently limited audience…but it’s growing.

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  1. michael says:

    metallica good… napster bad.

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