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   Oct 24

Birthday Candles and the Washed Potato

Today and tomorrow mark the first weekedn I have had off in a long long long time. It was bliss to be able to wake up and know that I could go back to sleep without the guilt that comes with knowing that one should be awake and somewhere else.

So it was not until 1500 hours this afternoon that I decided to awake from my slumber. And it was sooooo nice. In my own time I brewed myself a cup of Merlo Forza coffee and in my own time I enjoyed it. And it was good. Oh yes, it was good.

It has been a relaxing ‘me-day’ today. I have not felt compelled to be anywhere for anyone except myself. I think that as a result, my BP has dropped several millimetres of mercury.

There was a blip this evening however, when Mum tells me that Centrelink wants ‘more information’ fucking bastards. I am in the middle of fucking nowhere and they want me to provide ‘more information’. Balance was returned to my universe however when I discovered that the ATO had come through – but a week after my return was returned. So it’s ‘all good’.

So where does the potato and the birthday candles fit into all this? Well that would be this evening when the power decided to go off…. I was in the middle of downloading my latest audiobook for my iPod from Audible.com and the power decided to go. Great. On battery power on my laptop….please oh please let the power come back on before I lose battery power – I don’t want to have to download the whole thing again.

So in pitch blackness on an island in the middle of nowhere. I’m in a strange unit. No thought had been given to me that perhaps the generators on the island might be somewhat unreliable!

So with the aid of the glow of my mobile…. I managed to locate in the myriad of kitchen cupboards, a packet of birthday candles. Fiat Lux – let there be light. I was able to get around by the light of two birthday candles wedged into a washed potato. Each lasted 15 minutes….so by my reckoning, I would have 6 hours worth of light should I need it.

As fortune would have it, the generators managed to be restarted and I was once again awash with light. And my download was saved.

And the balance of the universe is maintained.

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