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   Oct 31

A Male Medical Bridget Jones….


I am told by certain readers….that this here ramblings sounds like a male, medical version of Bridget Jones’ Diary.

I don’t know whether to be humiliated or happy with a comment like that. But…that’s what I am told.

Having never seen the movie nor read the book, I would have no idea whether this is a fair analogy.

The one hope that I have for my ramblings that are mentioned herein is that YOU the reader would in some way identify with some of the things that I write and appreciate the humour, irony or whatever emotion is portrayed in the particular post.

Of course I write from the point of view of being ….

A med student,
An Australian,
A twenty-something person….

The list goes on. So what you read is a portrayal of what I see. And I guess if you are not one of the above, there are some things you wouldn’t get, or identify with. But we are all human. So hopefully there’s something that you can get from these entries.

Ultimately I write for entertainment….so it’s comforting to know that what I write is of entertainment to whoever should pass upon these pages.

So if you find it entertaining….or not. Please feel free to say so.

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