Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Oct 31

Isn’t It Ironic…

Hat-tip to Alanis for inspiring the title….

I thinks that one of the great ironies of blogging is that….whenever there is something blog-worthy happening, I am too busy to blog it. When there’s nothing blog-worthy happening I have heaps of time and nothing to say.

Like Now.

So I sprout mindless drivel. Or Trivia.

At present, I have no less than three drafts of blog entries of things I should finish off because they say things that I would like to record. Was too busy to write them when they happened….and too lazy now to write them (how apt my domain name is…..I am happy to procrastin8 writing a blog entry about not having time to write blog entries…and yet I can’t be bothered finishing the drafts of entries I already have).

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