Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Nov 04

Now is the Thursday of mine discontent!

Today is a fucked day.

I don’t know why.

I woke up.

From then on it was fucked.

First… I had no homemade bread. Which meant I was forced to endure bought stuff. Yuck!

It was hot at even 8am today.

Tucking fypical that the clinic air-conditioners should choose today NOT to work.

The clinic was rather lacking in patients today. Normally this would be a good thing. But because I was sleep deprived it made it difficult for me to keep my eyes open and difficult for me to look interested.

A small blip of relief on the bleak day was the arrival of the Merlo coffee I had had the foresight to order for the clinic a week or so ago. Thank goodness for e-commerce. Consequently I think I have OD’d on coffee…..because everyone kept making coffee so they could all try it out (beats the crap out of the vacuum packed shite the eylandt shop sells).

When four pm managed to slide in at an inexorably slow pace, I had to walk through the searing heat with two heavy bags of groceries.

What is with this pathetically crystal clear blue sky and pristine weather? It’s supposed to be the WET season. About the only thing WET about the weather at this point in time is the complete lack of scudding great storm clouds and monsoonal deluges. We (yes that would be the royal-multiple-personality-disorder we) are not amused.

Okay rant over now. I should snap out of it. Better out than in I guess.

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