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   Nov 07

A Crabby Mood

Not so bad as you would think. The day wasn’t that bad. In fact (and excuse my grammatical errors – a six-pack of cascade will do that to you) we went crabbing today. Auntie ‘I’ (receptionist at the clinic) took us on a bit of a tour. I met Mark (nephew of Auntie ‘I’) who took me crabbing.

Twas an eye opening experience. The clouds scudded over….it started to rain as we drove through ‘The Jungle’ towards the coast at the south end of the island. We made it to the beach and went off in search of mud-crabs. So in the tropical shower (covered in sunscreen) I followed Mark around the holes on the mud flats. We managed to get two crabs ….pretty pathetic haul apparently. It was basically a case of using a three pronged spear to skewer these mud crabs hiding in their holes. I was honoured to carry the bucket around.

So we tramped through mangroves and sand flats and rocks (and kept an eye out for crocodiles which apparently frequented the mouth of the Emerald River where we were). Still..only two crabs. Such is life.

So back in town, we cooked (well I watched) the crabs and devoured them and then devoured us each a six pack of beer and chatted.

So a good day was to be had. And I have a new found appreciation for crab-meat. Yummeh. Very yummeh. Boiled in seawater. No sauces, no spices.

So here I sit…drunk as a skunk… and very satiated on crab-meat and beer.

What a day.

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