Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Dec 25

The Twenty-Fifth of December

‘Tis that time of year again – the festy season – where humanity shows it’s best and worst sides. ‘Tis a season for gluttony and excess….those of us who can stuff ourselves silly rather self indulgently whilst those of us who can’t, don’t.

Those of us who are inclined towards christianity remember the birth of ‘our saviour’ whilst those of us of another religion or of no religion don’t.

Commercial interests prey upon us all encouraging that whole gift giving phenomenom. The poor pray for a roof over their heads and food on their table.

I was running around like a chook with it’s head chopped off today trying to get my christmas shopping done (on 24/12 no less) whenst I came across an elderly lady tottering along with her shopping trolley in the carpark at the local supermarket. As I watched her I felt sickened to the core as I was reminded that this time of the year is also an unhappy time of year for those who are alone or whom have less fortunate circumstances.

This lady, who was obviously labouring under some affliction – possibly CHF or COPD puffed her way slowly across the pedestrian crossing as I sat like an overweight sow in my car desperately trying to think of what to get to stuff santa sacks with. She was without a wedding band and bore the face of a world weary and lonely individual. I wondered what she was headed home to – perhaps a family, perhaps a pet or perhaps a lonely room with no decorations and no companion to enjoy life with.

I wished that there were some way I could have born the exhaustion and the suffering of that lady for just a moment if only to give her some relief from what looked to be a wholly unpleasant experience. As she left the crossing and made it to her car I drove off and I wondered if this would in fact be her last christmas on earth … if, by this time next year, she will be somewhere (who knows where) other than here.

There but for the grace of some omnipotent being that one should ascribe to go I.

The best thing I love about this time of the year is the collective community spirit. Whether or not I believe in such tales as those of the nativity and the holy trinity are immaterial. This time of year sees families getting together to spend time with each other.

For some it will be their first christmas. For some it will be their last. Joining in with singing of hymns (no matter their words or meaning) brings us all together as a species. Collectively we are if but momentarily joined as one being. We share each other’s emotions – hopes, fears and joys for the year gone and the year yet to come. Together we shoulder the pain of conflict and global dischord. Together we enjoy that we have survived another year and chant mantras for those who have fallen by the wayside or who have not fared so well.

If but nothing else, the week that begins with the 25/12 and ends with 1/1 should be a week of reflection for us all. A time where we should performa SWOT analysis on our existence. Where we should learn from the year just gone and plan for the year that is to come.

May the 25th of December be a day that lives up to your expectations.

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