Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Feb 06

Because I Can Can Can in the Land of Twin Tubs

Twin Tubs are an interesting novelty to use.

And that is all they seem to have here.

Novelty wears off pretty quick though.

Wireless Internet (especially free wireless internet) from coffee shops will never lose its novelty.

Especially when it’s muggy outside and airconditioned inside.


MSN conversations abound….. big downloads are plenty.

Can’t wait for all the holidays next week (thank you Chinese New Year!)

The place looks like a lost world….a continual battle between civilisation and teh jungle. Majestic ballustrade clad empirial style buildings fight against the encroaching jungle…

Golden mosques, are surrounded by slums in a surreal juxtaposition. European architecture seems strangely familiar and yet foreign.

Western culture infiltrates the melting pot of muslim, chinese and other South-East Asian cultures. Conservative society fights the capitalistic push towards liberalism.

And in amongst all of this life goes on in it’s own way.


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