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   Feb 20

Not a Happy Little Vegemite

First rule of travelling when overseas:


Okay now I have that out my system….

I lie, it’s still festering away there like the tooth I have coming through at present.

I am not a happy little vegemite because I have no vegemite. I want it, I need it, I am psychologically dependent on it.

This is a sad realisation to come to. Who would have thought something as simple as that would be the one thing I am hankering for. I think I might even forgoe alcohol if I were to be able to have a jar of the “dark-brown gold”.

With any luck I will be able to locate some in Bangkok next week. I’ll even spend big $ on getting a jar.

Such is life.

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  1. Michael says:

    I never picked you for a vegemite addict. You always seemed to have better taste than that ;-)

    How much longer do you have over there anyway?

  2. tigger says:

    Poor sod, can’t believe you forgot the first rule of travel!!! Want some vegemite posted over express mail???? I know what it’s like to be caught without it!

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