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Time Flies…

   Mar 08

Sub Five

‘Tis sub five days till I depart this here sultanate that I am in.

I must admit I am looking forward to going home. Has been great to travel but it’s wearing a little thin.

Got assessment forms signed off and cases presented today. Only a week and a half left of paediatrics…. I will be glad to see the back of it.

Was up to my armpits in meconium doing newborn checks today. “Bagus” – the Bahasa Malay term for “Great” was a term used frequently when talking to the mothers….as that was about all I understood in Malay.

So Saturday sees me depart this neck of the woods and head down to the bosom of the woods….Brisvegas.

Will be a tad sad to see my half hour walks to access the internet go by the wayside…..especially when it involves walking through the “Kampung Ayer” a.k.a. “Venice of the East”, past a mosque or two down to the “Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf” where the free wireless internet is.

Will be a tad nostalgic to goto “Popular Indian Restaurant” one last time for a $5 feed.

I won’t however miss bed bugs or twin tubs or having to boil and filter water ….

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