Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Mar 09


I feel that my BP is a good ten or so mmHg lower than this time yesterday.

Life is so much better post assessment form signing and post case-presentations. In spite of the fact that I have an impending MSAT next friday, even that is too far away to plague my otherwise free spirit.

On the topic of spirits….I shall be looking forward to freeing my spirit further by imbibing some free spirits on the morrow as I depart this spirit free “Abode of peace”.

I declined to attend the ward round this morning with it’s cast of thousands….

SIX Paediatricians, FIVE Nursing Staff, FOUR Nursing Students, THREE Medical Students, TWO Worried Parents and a Patient in a pear tree.

So ’tis nearly time to cram for the up and coming exam (and I really should stop rhyming or else I am at risk of breaking into song and dance and turning this farcical rotation into a Medical Musical spectacular)….

…. So I really should go and study….ahhh much better. No rhyming.

Study? What’s that. I really should go and procrastinate some more… what a fabulous idea.

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