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   Jun 09

An “it’s so much better than an” XBox..

Neurosurgeons are laid back. Very.

They have cool toys. They have expensive toys.

One in particular is an operating microsope and yet another is the Stealth Station. I saw both today when I ventured forth into theatre.

So after the rigmarole of slicing open the scalp, reflecting the temporalis and periostium, and going nuts with the “XMax”(gotta love the testosterone charged names) cutting burr (funky pneumatic device for drilling holes in skulls and then cutting out bits of skull)…

I love the acrid smell of burning bone in the morning….

… you’re left with a pulsing brain laid open for all to see.

Enter the operating microscope and the “Stealth”….

An operating microscope is a funky (and very expensive) monolith that towers over the opened cranium and is controlled using a console very very much like an XBox console. Except instead of traversing imaginary realms, you’re traversing the the cavernous insides of someone’s skull. There’s even a TV attachment so all and sundry can watch.

The “Stealth” is the ultimate geek toy. It’s like a three-dimensional headup display of MR imaging that is overlayed on the patient. It allows you to visualise where things such as tumours and such are located – allowing you to search out and destroy. Kind of like one of those maps you see on an XBox that tells you where the nasty guys are.

So bugger playing around with a pissy little XBox… why shoot imaginary bad guys in an imaginary world when you can shoot real life nasties inside someone’s head.

… still… I suppose you can always play again if you stuff up on an XBox…. and you’re unlikely to be sued if you stuff up.

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