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   Jun 13

Treasure Displeasure (and musings of my best side)

“Treasure Island…Treasure Island…I’m in a musical called Treasure Island…Strange though it may seem…”

Friday: Best rehearsed premiere I have ever been in. Enthusiasm and energy despite the odd glitch
Saturday Matinee: My voice (or lack thereof) tells me that I didn’t actually make it back to my bed until 0530 hours. (Possibly due to driving three million (okay three) people home from the pub. Who the hell would have guessed Cooinda was miles away!).
Saturday Evening: Oh dear. I’m miming half the high notes. And fuck I could do with a sleep. None the less, the pub beckoned post performance.
Sunday Matinee: Four shows in three days…possibly achievable if one does not pub it up and have to deal with cast members smoking.
Sunday Evening: The Great South East… yay I’m on TV. Pity I look like an also-ran. Or doing something awkward in the background. Sword fight looked believable.
Monday: I’m taking a vow of silence for all but necessary speech for the next few days. Photo call for the front page of the entertainment section of the Southeast news…. photographer said the look on my face was as though I was constipated. Humph.

So am I enjoying it… well… tuneless singing from some, second-rate acting from others and minimal direction aside, yes. But what makes it fun are the people – the cast and the audience.

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  1. says:

    I’ll have to watch over your journal.. Seems to me it is quite te read..

    MMmm Xbox.


  2. says:

    hmm. is interesting to note we share incredibly similar views on this show.
    but I’ve come to expect it at this place, so very little surprises me (except maybe a decent show with decent actors and decent direction – it’s rare, but it has happened).

    til next….

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