Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Jun 19

llama llama duck…

This is what I would call an Earworm… a tune that just goes around and around in your head.

Listen to it here: AlbinoBlackSheep.

Heres a llama.
Theres a llama and another little llama.
Fuzzy llama.
Funny llama.
Llama llama duck.

Llama llama.
Cheesecake llama.
Tablet brick potato llama.
Llama llama mushroom llama.
Llama llama duck.

I was once a treehouse. I lived in a cake.
But i never saw the way, the orange slayed the rake.
I was only three years dead, but it told a tale.
And now listen child, to the safty rail.

Did you ever see a llama kiss a llama on the llama?
Llama’s llama.
Taste of llama.
Llama llama duck.

Half a llama.
Twice the llama.
Not a llama.
Farmer llama.
Llama in a car.
Alarm a llama.
Llama duck.

Is it how it’s told now?
Is it all so old?
Is it made of lemon juice?
Doorknob. ankle. cold.
Now my song is getting thin.
I’ve run out of luck.
Time for me to retire now.
And become a duck.

Now if only I could write shite like that and sell it!

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One Comment

  1. says:

    The fact that you bothered to transcribe the lyrics is fabulous! (it saves me the effort).
    *sings about llamas*

    til next….

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