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Time Flies…

   Jun 23

Hold That Life!


It feels like I am going to have to put my life on hold for the next little while which sucks!

Tucking fypical (gotta love those spoonerisms)…just as I have myself a semblance of a social life and things to do, places to go and people to see…..(or is that things to go, people to do and places to see?) I have to concentrate on passing this stupid tertiary education thingy.


I can’t believe how much trouble I am having getting started. I sit down at a desk to study….and my mind wanders…onto things far more interesting….

Curses, curses, curses….

Maybe my sojourn (or is that ‘Tour of Duty’) to Nam will assist me in getting some stuff done. Away from distraction such as internet and coffee shops that are open past 7pm. I sure hope so. Would soooo suck to be repeating next year.

Preferences for next year I think will be a lucky dip. NFI. No longer give a flying fuck either. Maybe I could just go and join the circus or something.

So… so long, farewell and adieu to the life I have become accustomed to and enjoy….
Hullo study gulag. Hard labour. Dry retching. Insecurity. Brain meltdown.

Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

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One Comment

  1. Mickus says:

    Let´s all be broke and unemployed together. –mickus

    **Mod Note: Sounds like a cunning plan….but how do we do fun and exciting things without money?**

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