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Time Flies…

   Jun 25

Old shoes don’t die…they just lose their soles.

**groan** I know, I know, it’s not the cleverest or funniest of jokes…but it is a good segue into this post.

A dear friend of mine recently wrote about shoes. Okay so I would be stupid if I said it was “JUST” about shoes….but…. it got me thinking…..

How does a shoe feel when it’s dissed for a newer sexier model? The latest fashion or the latest season? Do they develop attachments to their owners?

My learned colleague argues that shoes (unlike people) do not have feelings, and thus it matters not when you diss them for another.

Au contrare I say….I have developed many an attachment with shoes of mine. (Oh SUJ, SUK, SUS, SUD if anyone dares think more than they should). I have written previously….(in this post) about the memory of buildings. I assert that the same is true of shoes.

A shoe goes wherever you do. You spend a lot of time in contact with it. You shoe goes in to bat for you against the harsh elements that you choose to ambulate on. It is a very intimate relationship you have with your shoe. Afterall, it’s not every Tom, Dick or Harry that you allow to be intimate with your feet. You place your shoe in a position of trust and power. A shoe wields great power. It can cause you much pain or much comfort… your whole outlook on life can be influenced by the whim of your shoe.

Take my Birkies for example….I initially considered them a little like an unbroken horse. I had issues with wearing them when I first brought them home and took them out of the box. The bucked and whinnied (figuratively) when I tried wearing them. I was chafed and blistered and quite annoyed with them.

After a while, they softened and learnt what my feet were all about. They moulded to my feet and to my walking style. Since then they have become one of my favourite pairs of shoes. They are almost orgasmic to wear.

Furthermore, my birkies have been on adventures with me. They’ve seen the soil of four countries in the last 6 months. They have adventured down Thanon Khao Sanh….they’ve been there whenst I saw my first caesarian section….(yes hygeine and theatre practices do vary depending on the country you are in). My Birkies have seen arguements with friends, have been there when I have had good times and bad.

And I hate to say it, but a part of me has diffused into the very material that makes up the various bits of the aforementioned. Intense emotion (particularly when in large amounts with a high energy) I am sure passes from an area of greater concentration (me) to one of lower concentration (my birkies). It’s basic physics.

So by the time my birkies reach the end of their days (hopefully many years from today), part of me will be with them. It would seem to me that the shoe/wearer relationship would have to be symbiotic. Shoes feed off our emotions. In return, they protect us and take us many places.

I think when the time comes to diss a pair of shoes, there would have to be a degree of rejection and abandonment felt on the part of the shoe. Their role is finished. They’re put out to pasture so to speak…leave them out there in the long yard (to keep with the horse analogy)….

I think that the same could be applied to the other side of the analogy that stimulated this post.

segue(pronounced seg-way) To move smoothly and unhesitatingly from one state, condition, situation, or element to another….proceed without interruption; in music or talk.

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  1. Paradox says:

    Well I must agree on the topic of shoes and soles. I get very attached to my shoes and they do become an integral part of my life. I have had many a glum day when the realisation has dawned on me that my favourite pair of shoes are no longer wearable. The same goes for jeans – you invest time and energy wearing them in and it hurts when you have to part but I guess this is life is it not?!

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