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   Jun 28

The most important skill…

Never mind learning resuscitation skills….never mind learning about drugs….never mind communication skills….

…the most important skill you need as a doctor (apparently) is…..”Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS)”.

RPS is the most important skill when it comes down to crucial decisions about patient care….or so it would seem after my day today. No less than three times were decisions about patient care made by using the age old RPS.

Makes you feel confident to be treated in the public health system!

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  1. Paradox says:

    I SOOOOO do not want to hear things like that! One because it sucks for the patients, two because I’ve spent the last five “f@#!ing” years learning about EBM (evidence based medicine) and three because my luck sucks and I’m always guaranteed to lose at paper, rock, scissors!!!!!

  2. Troy Worman says:

    RPS, eh. Nice. I wasn’t looking forward to my surgery next week, but now i can’t wait.

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