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   Jun 29

The Electric Breakfast Show

Gooooood morning and welcome to The Electric Breakfast Show pumping up the joules for a high voltage show (if you will pardon the shocking humour **groan**).

For those of you on the depressed side, we’ll get you pumping with a dose of electroconvulsive therapy and follow that jolting experience which is a fitting start to the day with a hearty session of cardioversion to put the rhythm back in your step.

…no seriously folks, it’s been a morning of current affairs …..okay okay I’m guessing that even the dullest spark will be getting run down by the battery of dodgy puns.

But today was I guess a little interesting. I spent the morning protecting airways on patients who were getting ECT (which for those who doesn’t know, involves putting electrodes on a patient’s head and zapping them with electricity to cause them to fit). Fortunately they’re knocked out during this…but it still looks creepy with them all wired up and jolting all over the bed. The whole idea is that it is effective in treating refractive depression. Nobody knows why.

Following that, I observed a cardioversion of a patient in atrial flutter. Again…sedating them and shocking them with defib paddles – stunning the heart muscle out of it’s own little world and putting it back on the straight and narrow. This sort of procedure is similar to the ones you see on TV…replete with teh “charging to 50joules, stand clear” followed by the unmistakable “whump” as the patient is jolted off the bed by the zap of electricity.

Again I was reminded of the stories they tell when teaching you to use defibrillators….don’t touch the bed with any part of your body when zapping….this is particularly relevant to guys…who may…protrude more…shall we say than females do. Frankly a static zap to the willy is not my idea of an enjoyable time.

And while we’re on the subject of willies…..my day was capped off by observing a number of circumcisms on the paediatric theatre list. Yow! Even if the patient is under a general anaesthetic. Yow! Forceps, diathermy and scalpels are NOT things I would care to have go to work on my bits.

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  1. Kitsunegari says:

    >>>Frankly a static zap to the willy is not my idea of an enjoyable time.

  2. Kitsunegari says:

    i made this whole AMAZING comment of SEVERAL sentences, and THIS is ALL that’s recorded!!!! gah!!!!!!!

    take: 2….

    take above qoute and add….
    why not take this idea and incorporate it into the act of circumsision….
    would be interesting….
    think of it as ‘electrolosis’. women use it to get rid of unwanted hair. medicos could use it to get rid of unwanted/infected/other reason for removal foreskin. totally ignores any use of sharp and pointy implements near the region of ouch.

    til next….
    ~Kits~ (suggesting medical alternatives since 5.13pm today)

  3. frazicus says:

    ECT is incredibly effective. ive seen the results. in my nanna.

  4. jez says:

    Indeed it is… I have seen the results also. Like so much in medicine it’s mechanism of action is unknown. And yet it works. The “Black Box” effect.

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