Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Jun 30

Happy New (Financial) Year

Good news….preferences closed today. And after I was angsty last night when PAH went over quota, it was back to quota by COB today….which means (if I have read the QH website correctly) I am locked in and will be working there next year.

I hope this is a good thing. It’s too late to change my mind now. What will be will be.

I need to motivate now….89 days until the first exam…. It’s the last thing I really want to think about now.

I just want to enjoy life. Enjoy being with friends. Be creative. Partake in or watch something theatrical. Travel.

Oh yeah and get rid of that feeling in the pit of my stomach. That feeling I just can’t quite put my finger on. The one that makes me uneasy. That gut feeling that something is just not quite right.

That feeling is exacerbated by the impending final curtain on TI which happens Saturday night…. not because I like the show….I’ve seen and been in much better….but I’ll miss the regular contact with everyone.

It’s refreshing to be with people who don’t live and breath and spend a large amount of their day in hospitals. It’s refreshing to talk about things other than maladies. It’s great to be with people who are as mad as cut snakes and enjoy a good night of shenannigans. Here’s to hoping shenannigans continues…

I always get maudlin (isn’t that such a funky word) at the end of a show – but it seems worse this time…maybe because I can’t redouble my efforts and audition straight away for a new creative effort.

…but wait….

[The peanut gallery gasps and waits with baited breath as our hero seems struck by a bolt of inspiration]

It just occurred to me… I am rehearsing for my next show. It’s a farce. A comedy. It’s unrealistic and it requires a lot of acting on my part….it’s called….. MBBS Exams!

Yep. It’s worked before…. I act like I know what I am talking about and somehow they pass me time and time again when really I don’t know half of what they think I know. It’s amazing how much bluffing can take you. All you need to do is appear confident. Rote learn a few lines…deliver them in a manner that suggests you are competant and Bob’s your uncle (well he’s my father actually, but that’s another story…an epic that started over 28 years ago and will hopefully not be completed for many more years to come).

I guess there’s something in the saying “Fake it till you make it”. So rehearse away I will…and with any luck give a performance that is received with critical acclaim…or at least not laughed off stage.

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