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Time Flies…

   Jul 01


(that’s the sound my brain makes when fragments of thought click into place).

My brain noisily went “ding!” at around 0200 this morning (startling a pigeon who was roosting nearby…don’t ask) when, while listening to Martin Pearson’s “Unfinished Spelling Errors of Bolkien” (well worth listening to if you want to hear LOTR have the piss taken out of it and turned into an “I can’t believe it’s not a” musical) I suddenly went “….shit… I have heard that voice before.”

It’s been bugging me for ages – deja voce (a bastardisation of deja vu…..the feeling you have heard that voice somewhere before… I’m also a fan of deja moo – the feeling you have seen that cow somewhere before). Turns out (after confirming with a google search) Martin was the MC for a conference I was at in Port Arthur in 2002. Funny bugger he was then. Probably the best MC I have seen for a concert. Such a feeling of contentment when things click.

Kind of like when I couldn’t work out why “Deep Water Sailors” was so familiar until I found out it was a derivative of a song I had previously sung – “Queensland Drovers” in the centenary of federation concert in 2001.

Okay so a totally irrelevant post to any really except me… but a nice trip down amnesia lane.

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  1. anothername says:

    More Martin Pearson CDs – one can never have enough.

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