Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Jul 04


…The End.

Saturday saw the final curtain on Treasure Island. Saturday matinee worked well. The Evening show didn’t!

…it was … in the beginning…

…less than desirable…

…actually….it fucking sucked and I was embarrassed to be a part of it…

I can appreciate final show in-jokes and gags. Hell I have been a part of them. It is when the jokes and tomfoolery are blatantly affecting the show that it goes to far. I felt sorry for the audience who had paid good money to see what is normally a passable show. Frankly if I had been an audience member and I had seen the poor quality of acting, the unprofessional on stage laughter, the breaks in character and the less-than-acceptable singing, I would have been incensed.

FORTUNATELY…. there were peritheatricals (I suspect the preceeding word may in fact be a neologism…) in the house who marched backstage at interval and spoke their mind. They echoed sentiments that I had been feeling throughout the first act. The kick up the butt I think was well worth it. The second act went a long way to redeeming some semblance of professionalism and entertainment. I think it was probably one of the better second acts I have seen of the show. I hope that it was enough to leave a good impression on the audience.

With one final smash finish, it ended. Before long the stage was bare and the set but a memory.

Venturing forth to the boon docks (Morningside)….somewhere out beyond the black stump on the south side of the river….(okay it’s only 7 km from the CBD)…we found ourselves at Castle Blokenstein.

[Cue cast party]

Much merriment was to be had. I had some really interesting and insightful conversations until the bottle of Jamiesson’s Run Cab-Shiraz-Merlot and Boags Premium stubbies took effect. I do recall the local constabulary paying us a visit at one stage….I remember my chair collapsing….I remember my tongue in someone’s ear (or maybe it was more than one person’s ear)…and my ear experiencing someone’s tongue in it…I think there might have been some tonsil-tennis somewhere in there as well…

I have vague recollections of a rumble in the loungeroom in which I was a participant. I’m told the powerpoint presentation of the sparring is to be published imminently. It’s surprising how “territorial” and “determined” certain people can be about certain things….feisty…but highly amusing.

My back decided it was not impressed with the shenannigans and spasmed shortly after….it is still convalescing.

As the dawn approached…slumber was achieved in the back of a landcruiser…which, aside from being slightly cramped thanks to the bodycount, was in fact quite comfortable. Midday saw my departure back home…to nurse my back and recover from the last month.

I would have thought that I would be glad of the impending period of requiesence that is due now that my nights are suddenly free. But I am feeling far from excited about it. As predicted the suboptimal dive in emotional stability occurred around 2200hrs this evening when I arrived in Nam. Curses.

I suspect with a bit of self administered cognitive behavioural therapy and a prescription of assorted social forays I may have a chance of making the doldrums short-lived. Time will tell.

Requiem Aeternum Treasure Island.

To the cast, crew and groupies: You are refreshing, revitalising and invigorating… here’s to us and many more memorable moments together.

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