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   Jul 05

The Tempered Radicals

I was at work today listening to some interesting speakers who were presenting to the whole team. It is interesting hearing what some of them have to say since there are some of them giving evidence in the Morris enquiry.

I was particularly intrigued by a number of concepts that were mentioned including:

Tempered Radicals – an idea proposed by Debra Meyerson….

They are people successfully walking the tightrope between “conformity and rebellion” and can be catalysts for change

Basically these people are the people who get things done. They are persistent little buggers who buck the system ever so slightly to push the envelope but never quite so much that they get noticed (and thus cut down). I thinks I shall have to investigate this concept further.

“Power Mapping” or “Stakeholder Mapping”
– a concept described by Johnson and Scholes that allows you to identify groups of people who can, in different ways influence to different degrees a concept you might be pushing.

Amusingly enough this concept I first came accross at the Woodford Folk Festival last year when, whilst taking a break from the searing heat I stumbled into a seminar on developing environmental campaigns. The applicability however is broadreaching and I think it is a tool I could use in many different facets of life.

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