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   Jul 10

The evening that follows today that leads onto tomorrow

There is much talent to be seen amongst the people I know….. I went to Py Hy this evening… a delightful Espresso-Cafe-Bar in West End. Ben (of TI Cheese fame) was performing in his duo FiveDaysCamel. Quite digestable music if you ask me. A good mix of uptempo and slower pieces with their guitars and vocals occasionally augmented by the bongos and the harmonica. Es muy bueno! I bought a copy of their EP to listen to. Was good to see some of the familiar faces from TI there also.

Dan (petulant foot stamping Smollett) Mulvihill got up and gave a bloody marvellous performance singing and playing a few tunes he’d written himself.

The venue itself was cosy and enjoyable. It wasn’t overly crowded. A fun time to be had by all. I thinks I shall have to return to Py Hy sometime – during the day for coffee and also in the evening again for more gigs. Coffee anyone?

Being immersed lately in a wash of musically minded people who just seem to have a fantastic time performing… I’m more inspired to learn to play guitar.

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  1. Sam says:

    Damn, forgot all about that. Couldn’t have anyway, but still, damn

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