Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Jul 11

Can Opened…. Worms Everywhere

Okay so usually the above term is used by my friends as a code to indicate a new relationship between two persons is happening….

In this instance however, no such luck. I wish I could say it was so. But no. Well … at least I haven’t opened any cans recently….not far enough to release any worms anyways…

In this instance it refers to my study. The more I study, the less I realise I know. So I am wondering if it might be a smart idea not to study. That way I won’t feel as stupid. It’s as though I get dumber the more I study…or at least I realise I am dumber than I thought (and no, this is not a cry for a dozen pats on the back going “there there, you’re a smart person blah blah blah”…. merely a wry off the cuff comment).

Study at the moment, it seems, is like a fractal… where each individual topic is even more involved the closer you look at it….spiralling into even more minutiae…et cetera and so on and so forth…. It’s a fine fine line between studying in too much depth and not enough depth. It’s easy to get bogged down with little stuff, when broad brush strokes are what you need.

Roll on October 1.

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