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   Jul 13

After January

Another day beginning at 4pm. I really should attempt to start getting used to arising ante-meridian (that’s in the AM)…next year is just going to SUCK with hideous starts at 0700hrs and the like.

Oh well. Enjoy them while they last.

I drove down to Brisvegas this evening to see the preview performance of Nick Earls’ “After January” at The Arts.

Aside from actually taking in what I hoped was to be a good show it was also a good chance to catch up with people I hadn’t seen since TI had finished.

As fate would have it there wasn’t a great TI turnout (which is a bit of a disappointment since it would have been good to see everyone….but understandably people do have lives…). Nonetheless it was good to see the people that did turn up. There were also a number of other bods in the Rent-A-Crowd so there was overall a good number for a preview performance.

The show itself was an enjoyable one. There were several cringeworthy moments as the dialogue hit the proverbial nail on the head. I saw, enacted on stage, various scenarios that I had been through in my younger days. As I draw to the end of EIGHT loooong years at university it was nostalgic to see the post-year-twelve waiting game for university offers played out in front of me. Once again Nick Earls (through the adaptaion by playwright Philip Dean) encapsulates and distils out the essence of life as a young adult in the story set before us.

Highly amusing and entertaining.

The characters were portrayed well by the four actors, but it was obvious that it was early days for the production with some of the dialogue appearing a little pedestrian and cardboard. Nerves will do that to you I guess. I would imagine with a few more performances under their belts, as the actors relax into their roles things will improve out of sight.

I was a tad miffed by some of the blocking which meant that we were not always able to see the actors’ faces when they were talking. When we could see the faces, there were indeed some moments where simply a facial expression alone was enough to have the entire audience in fits of laughter. One wonders what other facial gems have been missed.

This was further compounded by the lighting in some parts of the stage which meant that the faces appeared in a sinister ghoulish shadowing. This would have been an effective lighting setup had the play been set in Transylvania or in the underbelly of bustling city…but given that the scenes were supposed on a beach in Caloundra….it didn’t really gel. (I certainly haven’t seen any zombies whilst I have been swimming on the Sunshine coast…unless you count the drug-fucked junkies).

That said, commendations to the Director, Susan O’Toole and to the the cast and crew. The show is certainly one that will provide a good night out to theatre-goers as well as a chance to relive some of those awkward days of youth and young love.

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