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   Jul 14

Grrrr Cannulas

Stupid fucking piece of shit veins! Who needs them! Bastard pieces of crap.

Okay I’m a tad tense (due to sleep deprivation among other things).

The last few months have not been good for my positive cannula count. In fact… I think I had almost gone cannula negative. Don’t know why. I think I had…maybe still have a psychological block.

Anyhoo.. after several failed attempts at cannulating assorted patients veins today I succeeded on the last patient I saw today… an emergency appendix…admittedly he had veins like ropes that I couldn’t have missed even if I had tried… but the fact is I broke the drought.

I also managed to successfully intubate 2 out of 2 patients today. That left me in a good (albeit exhausted).

Saw a tracheostomy being performed today in ICU… looked a tad brutal…but…successful.

Exhausted because I have only had two hours sleep since 1pm yesterday…and it’s now nearly 10:30pm. Dunno why. Body clock is screwed. Have been living off coffee from the Anaesthetic tea room machine….the one in ICU decided to run out of beans just after the person before me had made their coffee. I was not amused.

Two free drug lunches today…plus surg equipment rep sandwiches for dinner and drug company chocolate cake and chocolate bikkies for afternoon tea. Buggered if I knew what drugs they were peddling… I just ate. So I can’t be accused of being bought. I wouldn’t even know what company provided the stuff.

Right… off to bed now. Sleep. Blissful sleep!!!

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  1. frazicus says:

    i told you veins were evil. EVIL! you must stay away from them. all of them. especially mine.

  2. Kitsunegari says:

    oh, but Fraz, that’s no fun at all!

    oh well, i’m sure someone will voluntaruily offer you veins to play with (not me tho…stupid anaesthesolgist scaring a stoned 10 year old about to go into surgery…)

    umm… heard of sleep….

    um… now i’ve forgotten what I was going to say… i’m sure it had something to do with ‘gruesome…but…successful’…
    oh that’s right.
    *bad brain*
    not quite SUJ, but still not printable…sorry.

    til next….

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