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   Jul 16

A Cacophony of Claptrap

So many things I want to comment on today…. so this is a bit of a mongrel of a post… a mix of bits and pieces…. a bitser post.

Technorati Tags
Firstly…. a change to the appearance of the site…. I’m now using technorati tags to categorise posts on this site. What does this mean? Well…for most people viewing this site… perhaps not much – except you can now click on the words at the top of the site to view all posts that fall into those popular categories. The larger the word…the more posts about that topic in the last two months.

Clicking on the tag links at the bottom of the post will take you to a listing of all posts listed with technorati that have that same tag.

Visit the Technorati site to find out more about technorati tags.

Interesting Podcasts
Okay so I have mentioned podcasts previously…. I have been doing a lot of driving back and forth from Nam recently so have had plenty of time to listen to things. I wanted to mention a couple I find particularly noteworthy in case anyone was looking for worthwhile things to listen to:

CoffeeGeek.com – A canadian podcast about all things coffee – from how to brew, best methods of brewing, in fact…all things coffee. I’m glad I’m not the only person who has strong feelings about the joys and rituals of coffee-making and drinking.

The Word Nerds – A couple of school teachers who hold weekly discussions about the origins and etymology of words. Quite insightful and interesting to hear about these things. Adds more meaning to the words in common usage as well as introducing new words to my vocab.

Sunday Night Safran – Okay so all the ABC podcasts are pretty cool – too many to mention… but in particular I find Sunday Night Safran to be of much amusment and entertainment. So why don’t I listen to Sunday Night Safran when it’s actually on the air? Well because I am usually doing something else at that time and it’s not convenient to….so I listen when I want to.

Nuff said about podcasts

The Arts Grapevine
So I haven’t been around The Arts long. Funny though… I casually mention to a couple of people I could possibly be interested in helping backstage….and what ho, out of the blue I am already getting phonecalls from people who have spoken to people who hear I might be interested and could I please please help out….It’s nice to feel wanted occasionally.

Sleep perplexes me. I seem to be able to do a lot sometimes….but not necessarily when I want to….and often when I don’t want to. I also seem to keep odd hours. I was awake 21 hours…slept 18….and now…seem set to do another long day…it being 5:42am and me having to goto work at 9am…. why can’t I just have normal sleeping hours. I’m sooo suited to shiftwork.

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  1. frazicus says:

    hows asking you to crew now? and what for? etc.

  2. jez says:

    That would be for alladin….no idea what for still to find out.

  3. frazicus says:

    thats odd, because i know the stage manager, and she had told me she has all her crew for aladdin.

    **Mod Note** C’est la vie… I was called to ask if I would be interested. I said yes. If I am not needed..so be it…there will be other opportunities…at more opportune times.

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