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   Jul 17

Wherefore Art Thou Delicious Slumber?

It is a tragedy to assume that life has to be as it is…

I saw the above quote today….of all places…on one of those noticeboards that churches and schools have to attract the attention of passers by. Normally I find most of the propaganda on boards like that uninteresting or cringeworthy (not being particularly into subscribed religion), but today, I was impressed. It fills me with hope….in a world where “we regret to inform you that the light at the end of the tunnel is in fact an oncoming train or…has had to be temporarily extinguished due to no-one giving a stuff”.

Statewide rollout today. Remarkably it went without too many hitches. Configuration was completed by 0800hrs. Spent the rest of the day fielding calls from across the state – but nothing too stressful. Lucky… because once again sleep is up shite creek….2.5 hrs since 0830 yesterday morning until 3pm today.

Caught up with Dave and Simone today. Enjoyed a cup of “I can’t believe it’s not coffee” at their unit. Am borrowing their video camera so I can film Amanda’s wedding next week. Will also use this opportunity to download the 2004 Med Revue footage and edit into a DVD … even if it is a year late. Kits’ enthusiasm with TI has motivated me…that and people keep asking “when’s the DVD going to be available”.

Finally got off my butt and converted the GSE story on The Arts to a small downloadable file for any of the cast to download. Will put it on the website shortly.

I guess even though I have not done an ounce of study…and it’s TEN WEEKS or SEVENTY DAYS tomorrow until exams… at least I am doing more than sitting around doing nothing. Which is about what I could say I have been doing lately.

Acute Care Skills exam is on Friday. Thirty-minute multi choice. Hope I can bullshit my way through it as per usual.

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  1. Kym says:

    Wow. Have you always talked like a thesaurus? Your vocabulary is a little bit amazing, and sometimes hard to understand (without a dictionary).

    Bring on the sleep I say.

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