Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Jul 18

Two Things I Hate

A doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient…

…so rather than be a fool… I went to a doctor. But… I HATE being a patient. I hate it with a passion.

And to add insult to injury… I got a parking ticket while I was there. I HATE parking tickets. Talk about an afternoon of bad karma.

However….swings and roundabouts and all that jazz…the day was much improved by the fact that I have booked my “Round-The-World-Ticket” for October. YAAAAAY. Much happiness there.

So my plan is:

—>Singapore—> London—> Copenhagen—> Barcelona—> London—> New York—> LA—> Home!

Please oh please oh please don’t let my elective get stuffed up this time.

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  1. frazicus says:


    **Mod Note** But of course…I love getting postcards…So send them I shall. Will gather addresses closer to the date.

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