Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Jul 19

Mindfart – a malodorous aberration of the mind in disequilibrium

Pots, kettles, stones, glasshouses, the colour black, the act of throwing….

… I want to say something using the above words but I can’t quite work out how I might and how I can relate this to how I feel. It might come to me soon enough.

CBT, I have decided is a very useful thing. Even when using some of the techniques on oneself. Only annoyance is everytime I think of CBT I feel compelled to sing like the Jackson Five…. “CBT…it’s as easy as 123″…grrr.

Old Gold Roast Almond Chocolate is good. (And there ARE well designed studies that demonstrate dark chocolate is good for your health).

Introspection….like holding a mirror to your Superego and your Id. Good to do occasionally. Makes them realise that they need to work together and “share” their duties. Make one do all the work….and things start to go horribly awry. To the deteriment of both of them.

I wonder if they would be amenable to being named. Would that make them more malleable?

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  1. Dylan says:

    Er, do you mean “aberration”? [I can't look it up if it's spelt wrong...]
    I avoid introspection, and all forms of delving into the depths of my mind. Whatever’s in my subconcious is none of my buisiness.
    Oh, and I owe you a good thrashing for getting that Jackson Five song stuck in my head.

  2. jez says:

    Aberration…corrected for your viewing pleasure. Gotta see if anyone actually reads this trollop…. I blame my dodgy spelling on the aforementioned aberration of the mind

    Perhaps you might like to look up the spelling of “buisiness”?? :P

    Problem with introspection is that it can often leave you in a metaphysically pulpy mess rocking backwards and forwards in the foetal position…. I usually reserve rocking back and forward in the foetal position for a time a little closer to exams where I realise what a pickle I am in…..

    As for thrashings….promises promises.

  3. Dylan says:

    Ah. Incorrect spelling of buIsiness noted, and will attempt to remember.
    Failing a good thrashing –

    Long John for captain!
    Long John! Long John!
    Long John for captain!
    Hooray for barbeque!

  4. jez says:

    I marvel at the sheer evil genius in your thinking….

    Not only is one denied the ‘kink’ of a good thrashing…

    You have single-handedly managed to get another annoying song to run around in my already pulpy head. Tit for tat

    Curse you curse you curse you!

    Now…to plot my revenge.

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