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   Jul 20

The Point of Appointments…

…seems to me to be to piss me off and to add rigidity to what is generally a free and easy approach to most of my days.

Sometimes I wish there was no such things as appointments. They get in the way of me doing other things. It would be so much less bother (for me anyway…and afterall doesn’t the world revolve around me? :P ) to just not have appointments and times to be places and just turn up on a whim.

What is even more bothersome about appointments is making them. It’s like adding shackles to your life. You make an appointment, you are bound (at least in an honorable sense) to keep it. Which means you have to reshuffle your life to fit in around that particular appointment (which is invariably not at the time you would like it).

Then of course….someone else (who for whatever reason seems to take precedence) decides to come along and schedule something else smack bang when you’d organised another thing. So you are left with the bothersome task of reshuffling.

And as for ‘business hours’ and…well…which bugger with a pole up his butt and a bee in his bonnet said things needed to be limited to times between the hours of 7am and say 9pm….why be so rigid? My circadian rhythms don’t seem to be anywhere remotely in sync with the rest of the world. I think I have a renegade pineal gland who beats to his own drum. I seem to be on a ‘wake for 18-24 hours…then sleep for 12-18 hour’ cycle. This of course does not sit well with the prescribed ‘working hours you’re expected to do… nor does it fit with keeping appointments.

Anyone who can be bothered remembering anything about high-school chemistry (HA! like you would) would know a bit about entropy…and how the universe is moving towards a greater state of chaos and disorder….so I say why fight it with ordered things such sa appointments! Bugger that. Let’s just do about with them and flap about in the proverbial breeze….swing free and unfettered.

Would make things so much less stressful…. in theory. (Okay so in theory Communism works….don’t burst my bubble).

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