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   Jul 21

That Dirty Feeling…

Argghh… I have succumbed…and bought that wretched ‘book that shall not be named’. I am sick of people being smug about it or giving away bits and pieces about it.

I didn’t particularly feel overly excited about the last one but I figured I should read this one just so I can stop having people saying “oh I won’t talk about it to you because you haven’t read it and there’s a big secret”….even though I was sms’d by someone TELLING me the big secret within 24 hours of the book being available… (with the excuse “oh I thought you would have already read it”).

So I furtively went into Dymocks feeling and probably looking like someone who’s after the dirty magazines and doesn’t want anyone else to know what I’m buying…kind of like the look I see on guys who walk into pharmacies I have worked. You can immediately tell from the looks on their faces they are after the condom section….they say they’re just browsing …but you can see their eyes light up as you surreptitiously point to the condom shelf…moment’s later followed by them darting furtively to the counter when all the female shop assistants are busy helping other customers and it’s only me who can serve them…

So when the coast was clear and I was sure that no-one was looking and about to judge me for becoming part of that hideous overcommercialised cult …. just a few rungs short of the evil Da Vinci Code/Dan Brown cult of readers… I sidled up to the counter and endured the look from the clerk that said in her eyes “here’s another poor sucker parting with their $29.95″.

After my contraband was safely secured in a brown paperbag out of sight of prying judging eyes I started to breath easier and was able to give the next customer (who was purchasing the same) one of those “here’s another poor sucker succumbing to the power of that Rowling marketing machine….” looks (with only my hypocritical conscience and the clerk knowing my dirty secret.

So in the privacy of my bedroom…where there are no judging eyes to see me reading those cursed pages I will go and read….read until I have read my fill and can lay to rest that dirty ‘must read so I can keep up with the office conversations’ feeling.

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  1. Kitsunegari says:

    well,i can safely and proudly state that I shall not be succumbing to the evil of ‘the book that shall not be named’. it’s almost a protest, and then a sheer disinterest followed by the fact tht I have at least three other books to readof similar (if not more adult) genre. that, and it means having to read from the beginning. Now, seeing as I have and ENTIRE back catalogue of Stepehen Donaldson to digest this year, I doubt I’ll even get around to doing that.

    So, enjoy your book of Evil® and I’ll wait for the movie release…. (“,)

    til next….

  2. Paradox says:

    Quick knocking poor old Harry. The books are great and fabulous escapism from the boredom of Medicine! There is no shame having bought the book but you should know better than to buy it at Dymocks! Big W is soooo much cheaper for books.
    Enjoy your reading.

  3. Emma says:

    Jeremy. Poppet. Sweetheart.

    Why on earth would you assume that you *don’t* look gloriously shifty by default? Perhaps you could embrace that inner “prophylactic shopper” and be proudly dodgy?

    Of COURSE we’re going to judge you. We’re your friends.

  4. Kym says:

    I feel proud that you have succumbed to the HP craze, as I have now succumbed to the blog craze. Yay for you!

  5. Frazicus says:

    ‘ere… i liked the da vinci code

    **Mod Note** ARrrrgh…that there sounds like pirate speak… I have to admit (oh shame on me) it was an entertaining and time-passing read….better than some stuff I have read…but on principle…cause it has been on the best seller lists for over a year now…. I must consider it evil marketing.

  6. Frazicus says:

    so everything that enjoys success is evil? i don’t buy that.
    that just seems like an ordinary person’s way of resenting those who are more successful than him or or.

  7. jez says:

    Far from the person who is successful being evil . Kudos and well done to them that they have managed to be successful. There’s hope then for the rest of us.

    My beef is with the marketing machine that takes a perfectly good artist and exploits their creative work to make huge amounts of money that most of which do not go into the pockets of the artist…it ends up int he pockets of multinational corporations etc etc. I mean …sure commercialisation is a good thing to a certain point…but then I think it just goes over the top….with all the spin offs (figurines, books about books, tv shows blah blah blah)

  8. Dylan says:

    There is nothing wrong with a healthy dose of resentment.

  9. Frazicus says:

    yeah, the exploitation call is a fair cop.

  10. Paradox says:

    ROFL – Jer I do believe this blog entry has achieved the most comments ever and has produced a bloody forum! Good work on getting a whole bunch of us non-technological idiots hooked on blogs! I love having a laugh at yours.

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