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   Jul 23

Cabbage Conundrum

What is it with me and pubic(sic) transport? Why is it that whenever I get into a cab that I end up with a “unique” cab-driver?

This evening …. post tile-tapping (more on that later)… I ended up with a cab driver who seemed….at face value at least, to be sane. I guess I blame myself for mentioning the “light rail” project that had been mooted and canned in Brisvegas previously…turns out to be a favourite topic of the cabbie…

So after arriving home…. I was too nice to interupt the cabbie’s diatribe on the public transport issues of the Brisbane CBD and endured 15 minutes in a stationary cab being told how all the public transport issues of Brsvegas would be solved if they rebuilt the old Victoria Bridge and brought back the old trams.

Luckily… another job beeped through and I was saved from another rotation of the circular argument…having heard him discuss the same issues at least three times in fifteen minutes….

So that caps off my unsuccessful night…that I will summarise by saying… ‘I wish it was not up to guys to have to do all the moving and shaking when it comes to getting a relationship started and that I wish there wasn’t a need for all the BS and double-talk that goes on prior to a relationship getting started…that so-called ‘spading’ or… ‘laying the groundwork’ period’. Especially when despite one’s best efforts one is still at home alone typing this after a night on the town.

On another note…

I had a delightful dinner tonight at a place called Wagamamas. It’s located in Emporium in The Valley. At first appearances…Emporium seems to me to be a precinct I should feel very uncomfortable in. Why? Because it’s full of people dressed to the latest dress code and full of shops that prescribe the latest (and dare I say expensive) fashions and is full of cafes that are full of people who fit into that latest fashion clique.

Having said that… I went with friends…so we could all feel badly dressed and out of place together. The food was delicious and the ambience (in spite of being a place I should feel out of place in) was friendly.

I think I might (armed with appropriately and equally inappropriately – for this scene – dressed friends)…try a few of the other cafes at another date.

Following dinner, I (heaven forbid) actually went out to a bar in The Valley…something I have not done in ages. While I must say I prefer a quiet dinner with good wine, food and friends, it was a bearable and not unpleasant experience….compared to previous bar ventures….

This time saw me spend time at “The Fringe Bar”.

Anyhoo enough rabble…bed for me.

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  1. Frazicus says:

    its not you. every cab driver in brisbane is “unique”

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