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   Jul 25

Lattes and Lolling

Mmmm coffee.

As car was being serviced today (10 thousand km overdue for a service) I walked to the Royale – conveniently via the Merlo factory…. I dropped in to get my tins refilled with freshly roasted beans…and sipped on a complementary latte whilst I watched them roast a batch of beans. Bliss….surrounded by the aroma and taste of fresh beans.

Lectures on bebbe catching and gobs this morning. Interesting. I actually learnt stuff. (A rare occasion when lectures and tutes are involved).

Miss T, Immah and I went to lunch at “Jones The Grocer” at Emporium and I enjoyed a delightful sweet chillie chicken baguette.

Since Immah’s off to Brunei on Sunday we had to go to the Merlo factory AGAIN to get her a half kilo of beans to survive 6 weeks in the sultanate….which meant we all got another complimentary latte.

Zinging from cafffeine…rather than do anything productive this afternoon we went down to Newfarm Park and lolled lazily on a hill near the Powerhouse and watched the river….the birds…. and the inordinate number of couples snogging on a lazy Monday afternoon.

Immah and I wandered around James St looking in all the funky shops whilst I waited for my car to be serviced…cost me more than expected as I apparently needed a new fan belt, and my central locking needed repairing… but having had it repaired….it’s a dream….feels soooo much better to drive now….and doesn’t sound as sick. Who knew a service would do that!

Residing in the booners from tonight…so I suspect internet access might be via smoke-signals…hence I suspect I shall only be sporadically online….meaning I might actually get more study done.

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  1. Kym says:

    Damn you and your lolling coffee breaks, and walking, and car servicing………….I dream of things like that!

    **Mod Note:** I am making the most of the opportunities now because next year I sincerely doubt I will have much time at all to do such things.

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