Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Jul 25

Populer…. LAH….laaa laaa laaa la

Another earworm….

I have to say a song with lines such as: “…don’t be offended by my frank analysis….just think of this as personality dialysis” immediately pique my interest.

Hat tip to Kits’ kind generosity allowing me to borrow her copy of “Wicked“. I now have this song “Popular” running around my head. Interestingly, compared to Avenue Q which was immediately addictive, Wicked did not stand up as immediatley being a funky musical. After a few listens (with headphones on to actually hear the words) I have to admit it grows on you.

In other news…I went to see The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish by David Tristram playing at The Arts today. Humourous. Enjoyable.

Caught up with Crazy Chris again today at a BBQ at Mickus’ and Paul’s place. Funny how someone can disappear overseas (glamorous Switzerland no less) for six years….and change drastically and yet still be the same ‘mad-as-a-cut-snake’ person.

Sixty-three days…that’s nine weeks. Eeek.

Baby Catching for the next eight weeks.

Great to see commentry being generated from previous posts.

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